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From: Goo Gobbler
Subject: Eat Their Words'Eat Their Words'By Goo Gobblergoogobblerhotmail.comThe two men were sitting together on the erotic young teens bus on a Monday morning as they
usually did.Both were married, lived a few blocks apart, and worked in the
city a few blocks from each other.They knew all about each others wives and
children, and had just finished updating each other on the few new things
in that regard over the weekend when the bus stopped to pick up passengers.First boarding the bus was an extremely well groomed but slightly
flamboyantly dressed male couple, and as the couple passed the one guy
looked at the other with his eyebrow raised and said 'Bone smokers?' - and
the other smiled and replied 'Definitely faggots'A few more passengers got on, followed by a very pretty blonde girl holding
hands with a very dark black man.One of the men turned to the other and
said 'Why would a girl like that want to be with young nasty angels
a porch monkey?' and the
other replied 'Maybe she wanted to fuck a gorilla but they were all in the
zoo and she had to settle for second best' Both men laughed loudly and the
first guy said 'Well, it's disgusting anyway' They were both quiet for a
moment, and then one of them said 'Hey, how about those Yanks' and the
conversation veered in that direction for the rest of the bus ride.At the bus station they said goodbye as they always did, with the one
walking out of the station and the other heading towards the coffee stand.The first guy quickly walked a few blocks away from his job till he reached
a doorway with signs saying 'Videos' and 'Open 24 hours'. He had been doing
this every morning for years, he was a lawyer, a partner in a large law
firm and he never got to work early. Looking in both directions he quickly
stepped in, and at the counter he said good morning to the clerk, bought a
handful of tokens and walked through curtains in the back hot young teen
of the
store.There there were 2 rows of video booths, 6 on each side, and he
entered the last booth on his left as he did every morning.Closing and latching the door he sat on the bench seat on the back wall
facing a television next to the door, dropped a few coins in the slot on
the wall, and punched the button till a video came up that he liked - a
woman sucking a row of young nudist families cocks, her face covered with cum.And then he opened
his belt, open his pants, and pulled out his cock which he began slowly
stroking.Looking towards the right he watched the empty dark
gloryhole... and waited.The second guy waited a few minutes in line at the coffee stand, and then
left the station as well. Walking a little slower as he sipped the coffee
he also walked away from his job, and just as he finished his coffee he
found himself in the same doorway as the first guy... but this was his
first time there.He'd read about this place online and was a business executive who'd just
switched jobs in his company and now started work an hour later in the
morning. So he figured he'd check out this place before he told his wife
about his new hours. He also walked in and after stories young sex
a few words with the
clerk bought tokens, and when he entered the room with the pics very young booths he saw an
in-use light outside the last one on the left and entered the one next to
that. He dropped in Backpack explorer young some tokens and pulled out his cock, but instead of
sitting down he squatted by the gloryhole - and through it he saw,
illuminated by the television in that booth, a large hard cock being
stroked by a hand. He stuck his middle finger through the hole, which was
what he'd read online was the protocol for places like this, and tapped a
few times. And when he again looked through the hole he saw the other
occupant stand and the cock was heading towards the hole.The guy in the end booth saw the finger and considered ignoring it, since
being sucked wasn't his thing, but he walked over to the hole anyway and
stuck his cock through. Immediately it was warm and wet. The second guy
took the cock in his mouth completely, his lips right to the hole, and then
began servicing it, moving his lips in and out. He'd sucked cock before
he'd gotten married but that was years ago - and sometimes it was all he
thought about. He moaned quietly as he gently sucked, and the cock grew
rock hard in his mouth. And then, abruptly, the cock pulled out and went
back through the hole.And then a finger appeared through the hole and
tapped... and while he'd rather have kept sucking he sighed and pushed his
cock through young pics free
the holeThe lawyer in the end booth watched as the cock came though, already rock
hard, and much larger than average. Cut, with a pronounced head, and at
least 8 inches long. He immediately squatted and put his mouth over it and
slid very young tits down to the hole with his lips and felt the head pop into his
throat. He heard a moan and slid his lips back up the shaft with his tongue
pressed against the bottom, youngporn 13yo and then repeated, this time just deep enough
so the head pushed against his tonsils before sliding out again. Going in
and out in a steady rhythm until, also abruptly, the cock pulled back and
was replaced by a tapping finger.The businessman slid down into a squat, his cock leaking precum. He'd
pulled out just in time, he didn't want to cum yet, and when the cock slid
back through the hole he devoured it, and wetly began to suck and stroke it
with his mouth. He then stuck his mouth right against the hole, and the
lawyer on the other side began to hot young teen
thrust slowly in and out, and the feeling
of the cock sliding back and forth against his lips made him moan.And again
the cock was pulled back through the hole.The lawyer was very used to this stuff, and could keep himself from cumming
for hours if he wanted to. But when the cock came through the hole this
time he knew what to do, and slid his lips all the way in till the cock
popped into his throat, slid out a little, took it back in his throat, and
kept repeating this in a fast rhythm with wet suction. And then he youngporn 13yo
felt the
pulse against his lips and got ready.The businessman had never had anyone take his cock repeatedly in their
throat, and the feeling was astounding. Warm, wet, and tight the throat on
the other side savaged his cock, and before he could pull out he felt the
feeling overtake him and pressed himself to the wall and moaned as he
exploded.The lawyer had moved his lips out to encircle the head but kept his tongue
pressed on the underside of the shaft as a wet cunt stuff young explosion spurted onto his
tongue. He kept sucking as wave after wave of musky sperm filled his mouth
and covered his tongue, and when it finally stopped he remove his mouth,
careful not to spill anything, and swallowed down his prize.Then he sat
back on the bench and looked at his watch ... still early.In the other booth, the businessman caught his breath, his cock now soft,
and his first impulse was to get up and leave. But, this was something he'd
thought about for years so he stuck his finger through the hole again. On
the other side, the lawyer was hoping the guy he'd just sucked off would
leave. But when the finger came through he hesitated for just a moment, and
then pushed his cock through.The businessman took the cock in his mouth and started sucking. But he was
a little worn out, having just had an intense orgasm, so he again placed
his lips against the hole and the cock began to fuck his mouth. As the cock
slid over his lips he got hard again, and he used his tongue against the
shaft on the in strokes. He began moaning around the cock and without
warning it thrust into his throat and began to spew down his esophagus. He
pulled back a little and caught most of the sperm on his tongue as it
unloaded, and moaned again at the taste, which he'd missed for years. And
when it was drained he pulled back his face and swallowed.He was in
somewhat of a young pics free daze, and dressed quickly and left the booth without a word
and headed to work.The lawyer, however, stayed in his booth, waiting for the next dick to come
through the hole, and in the next half hour sucked off three more cocks,
the last being a very large black one that he still managed to get all the
way into his throat. The lawyer loved blowing black men, and their cocks
were his favorite because they were almost always large and they usually
filled his mouth to the brim with cum and this one was no exception. After
he swallowed the large load he looked at his watch, dressed and combed his
hair, used a baby wipe he'd brought to clean his face which had a few cum
globs on it, then left and headed to work.And like virtually every work
day, he walked into his office with the taste of cum strong in his throat.The next morning, the two men were on the bus together as usual. And like
the day before, at that same passenger stop the well groomed male couple
got on the Too young fuck bus again, and the lawyer said to the businessman 'Definitely
queers', to which the businessman replied 'I'm sure you're right, regular
sperm slurpers' and then they both made a disgusted face. And also like
the day before, the blonde woman got on with the same black man and the
lawyer said 'And I still can't figure out what a girl like that would see
in that shine'Both men got quiet for a few moments caught in their own thoughtsAnd neither realized that it was likely that within a very short period,
possibly that same morning, youngest russians portal
they were going to have to eat their words.
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